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To explore, and enjoy, any aspects of our rich Cultural Heritage, Historic, Social, Environmental or Economic (including both the famous Micro Finance Programmes, and the heritage of the world's first corporation, the East India Company) please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a small group of young Bangladeshis, with international mentors, advisers and supporters (including erstwhile visitors for whom our team mebers have arranges such travel over the past decade; we are alway happy to advise, suggest and assist in developing your itinerary, anf travel arrangements.

Do, please, come and share with us perhaps one of the last places on earth where as a vistor you will still be regarded with interest, curiosity and genuine friendliness, rather than, simply, a source of income.

We make no charge for advice and guidance, or even basic support , if you should be people who like to lead you own travels and explorations; we just ask that you respect us, our society, and our diverse cultures.