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Q. We are concerned about safe and reliable funds transfer for deposit/ payment. How can we secure our funds?
A. We are happy to accept a copy of your airline reservation as confirmation of your booking.On arrival, we can, happily, sort out payments in currency, by secure Credit card , or funds withdrawal fro secure, majot bank, such as HSBC cash machines. We are happy to rely on the goodwill of our guests for payment on arrival.

Q What airlines fly into Dhaka?
A. Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Singapore are amongst the number of international carriers with regular services into Dhaka..

Q. How safe is travel to, and within Bangladesh?
A. Whilst the roads, like those of any developing country, can be difficult, they are, for travellers in safe transport, as safe as anywhere in Asia. Travelling to Bangladesh can usually be by major international airlines, with excellent safety records.

Q. Does the cost of tours include hotel accomodation?
A. Certainly, though we always warn that there are seasonal variations in hotel rates. Once you have agreed the level of accomodation you require (there are, arguably, no truly five star hotels in Bangladesh, although Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka is probably, objectively, the closest, but there are a resonable selection with four star aspirations in major cities; we rely on our own local, informed knowledge of both local accomodation, and international expectations in guiding choices with guests) we contrive to maintain prices given, although, at times, a supplement may be requested. Otherwise, costs include planning itinerary, transport, guiding and meals.

Q. Is there opportunity for add on adventures, such as the Chittagong Hills?
A. Of course, on booking, or on arrival, since all our travels have an element of tailoring about them, extensions, to beaches, or hills, are easily arranged.

Q. is alcohol readily available for personal consumption in Bangladesh?
A. There are licenced bars in many hotels, but prices can be high, and the atmosphere is often not very relaxing. However, in major centres, there are 'duty free' warehouses to which foriegn passport holders can gain entry. Generally, in our travels with guests we advise a visit to such a warehouse at the beginning of a tour. Licenced premises can be identified in the course of travel. Sadly, bangladesh has been unable to reconcile itself to social realities in the way that many other, Muslim majority destinations have managed, around the world. But, it has to be said, many of our guests seem happy to deny themselves the indulgence.

Q. Are there opportunities for sporting, or adventure activities?
A. There are plenty, from surfing and hill trekking based in Cox's Bazar in SE Bangladesh, to trekking, cycling, golfing...on some very well maintained courses...and, of course, river cruising, and travel in Sundarban, the world's largest Mangrove forest and home of the Bengal tiger (though you are unlikely to see one!).