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How does it work?

With our unique access to one of the best known writers of Bangldesh heritage, and an unusual amount of interest and experience, we are unusually well placed to advise and guide those curious, or even fascinated, by the heritage of Bangladesh.

We offer both prepackaged tours, from day trips to any length...we have even been involved in developinga journey by local craft from the Indian border, down the Ganges/Pabna, to the bay of Bengal.

But whether tailor making trips, or simply supporting personal plans, we operate from a, warm and friendly, meeting and greeting, to departures.

Since online booking of flights to Bangladesh is something of a seasonal lottery in pricing and availability, although we are happy to make suggestions, we leave the flight bookings to you!

In pricing tours, we also take into account, in a country as yet, still largely unspoilt by mass tourism, local and seasonal pricing of accomodation. We have, however, from over five years of involvement in planning, organising and delivering tours, considerable experience of locations, quality, and availability to meet every expectation.

At initial contact, we suggest that speres of interest might, usefully, be indicated. Some of our guests want, simply, to explore as amny facets of our unusually rich heritage as possible; others have specific interests, such as Buddhist heritage, Mughal legacy, traces of the Slave rulers of the Sultanates, or the remains of the world's first great Corporation, the Honourable East India Company, or, even, the magnificence of the Imperial Raj.

Our principle Heritage advisor, from whom we are learning all that we can, as fast as we can, now UK based Tim Steel is happy to offer any online consultation required; he will also involve us in such consultation, as well as others of our supporters with special interest, for example, in cuisine, or shopping.

We find it a valuable process, if our guests have special interests, to develop itineraries, whether for guided, or unguided tours, as our guests prefer,before finalising itinerary and pricing.

We are also happy to consider payment on arrival, in view of the somewhat unrelaiable nature of our local financial institutions!
We look forward to our shared encounters!